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Detailed Exhibit Design Services

Our Exhibit Design Services Bring Your Message to Life

Our team works with a range of clients to provide award-winning exhibit design services. We are at the center of the country and the heart of the design industry, both literally and figuratively. The convenient location of our office, near Chicago and just minutes from O’Hare Airport, means we have easy access to several major highways, so we can provide convenient and cost-effective shipping services to any part of the U.S.A. as well as worldwide. A website can only show you so much, so please pick up the phone or email us to schedule a visit to see our custom trade show designs!

About Us

  • A Strong Heritage of Serving Clients Since 1974
  • Robust Expertise, Creativity, and Performance
  • Headquartered near Chicago
  • Serving Clients Across the United States & the World
  • Dedicated to Your Success
  • A Dedicated and Diverse Team of Exceptional People
  • Full-Service, In-House Capabilities from Concept to Completion (Design, Fabrication, Program Management, On-Site Services, Shipping, Warehousing, & Maintenance)
  • Offering Nationwide & Global Capabilities

Our Philosophy

  • Deliver Excellence in Everything We Do
  • Develop Strong Alliances
  • Our imagination is inspired by your purpose.
  • Our only success is client success.
  • Deliver Strong Returns on Investment & Objectives
  • Promoting Open & Honest Two-Way Communication
  • Nurturing & Supporting Long-Term Relationships

A Dynamic Combination of Visuals and Words 

How many times have you heard about a picture being worth a thousand words? Yes, it’s true that pictures can provide a lot of punch, but only if they are offered in a display which drives home their message. The most truly effective way to meet that goal is to blend images into an artfully crafted showcase. 

The real truth is that presentation is everything. Our exhibit design services combine a flair for colors, styles, shapes, and visuals along with a penchant for finding the right words to inform and enlighten. You get the entire benefit of our extensive experience, plus our skills and talents to make the most of any opportunity presented to your group or organization for promotional purposes.

Making the Most of an Opportunity

Another old saying talks about the power of first impressions. Well, you will make a strong first impression that proves equally as powerful over time when you choose The Design Agency. Our custom trade show designs shout your message across the industry or provide subtle whispers which touch the core of your target audience.

Our designs complement your market profile and work to drive home your message while raising awareness of your business, organization, club, or event. We work with clients to find new and expressive ways to create a buzz around their brand, so let’s get to work.

Contact us to learn more about our exhibit designs. We proudly serve clients across the United States and around the world.